“What To Watch” Recommendations We Know You Haven’t Heard Yet

Monday, May 11  ·  Milwaukee, We Suggest

As we gather our thoughts, coworkers and amenities until we open our doors again on September 1, we remain dedicated to continuing to be ourselves and sharing our similar interests together. And while all of us are advised to stay at home for almost another month at least, sources of entertainment can be running dry. 

Have you already finished binging that Netflix show or vowed to learn something new during this quarantine period? If so or if you’re just simply all ears, we’ve tracked down a few of our favorite productions to come through Milwaukee in the past couple of years. Add one or two of these productions to your watch list next time you need some time to fill!

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Musical Journey

Every Friday

While nothing compares to a concert in person, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has found the next best thing. Hand-curating collections of their works to be released every Friday, the MSO has the perfect remedy to take you into every weekend. Hosted by Music Director Ken-David Masur and featuring interviews with musicians, these Musical Journeys are well worth a spot in your music repertoire. 

Pabst Theater

Revive Live Series

Thursday, May 14 @6pm

Seemingly everyone has had a spring or summer concert cancelled this year. And if you already miss live music as much as we do, this is the best cure out there. 

Pabst Theater’s #ReviveLiveMKE is a new series kicking off with Japanese Breakfast that brings a live viewing experience to your couch. The first live streaming performance begins Thursday, May 14 at 6pm, but offers a 24-hour rebroadcast shortly after. Tickets to the live shows are available now!

Milwaukee Art Museum

Virtual Tours

Every Day

Walk through the exhibitions of the sprawling Milwaukee Art Museum without getting up from your seat. A wonderfully comprehensive and interactive tool allows for zoomed in viewing of the pieces, informational videos explaining their stories and enlarged plaques to get as close to the museum experience as possible. 

Two exhibits are currently on display, in Byrdcliffe: Creativity and Creation and 19-Century European Academic Paintings. If you’ve never been to the museum, the virtual tours are the perfect litmus test for a newfound appreciation. And even if you’re an avid visitor, the expansive journey will thrill and delight.

These are only a few examples of all the creative ways our favorite venues and organizations are fighting back against the pandemic. There’s rarely been a time in more of a need for music, art and distractions than right now. And Milwaukee is lucky to have the creative and talented people we do to bring that to us. We encourage you to let your mind wander and enjoy being inside for a little longer with all of us.

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