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Tuesday, Jul 28  ·  The Café

When you think of Café at the Plaza, what do you think of? It can be anything from a candied bacon Bloody Mary to the sound of the rustling vines that adorn the courtyard through the summer. 

When we think of Café at the Plaza, we think of our family, our home, and you. That’s why this has been so tough on us since we were forced to close our doors in March. But when we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, it wasn’t through a hallway or a door, it was by way of a pickup window. And we rose to the occasion. 

For over two months now, since May 21, we’ve been feeling out and perfecting our to-go operations. We ramped up air-tight sanitary procedures, retrained our staff, stocked our inventory with sustainable to-go materials and released our full spring menu. 

While some restaurants operate at a limited capacity, our full menu is up and running. Because we know everyone keeps coming back for their own cravings. From parfaits to Lemon Poppyseed pancakes to those famous hash browns.

And we work hard to be open as often and as long as possible. From Thursday to Sunday between 7am and 1pm, we’re all yours for breakfast, lunch and, most importantly, brunch.

Obviously, nothing compares to the clanging of dishes, constant hum of chatter around the iconic bar and smiling faces of our team, but we’ve tried to replicate the closest experience possible. By stamping the Plaza logo on our packaging, opening up the magical lush courtyard to limited seating and offering the friendliest and most accommodating service through the hand-off of your meal, we’ve adapted without changing our core pillars that you expect.

Our doors may be closed but our windows, courtyards and hearts aren’t. Because the light at the end of the tunnel never really turned off. And it’s going to be that much brighter when we can welcome you all in here again.

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